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Young Jeezy Changes His Stage Name

I guess when you use words like Young and Lil’ in your stage name, there comes a time that you kind of look at your grown reflection in the mirror and ask yourself WTF.  Seems like Young Jeezy hit that point.  According to MSN News, during an interview with MTV‘s Sway, Young Jeezy corrected Sway when he said his name.


He told Sway, “It’s Jeezy now. I’m grown now. I did enough of that. It sounds good because when I came into the game, that’s what I was and that was my state of mind. But I’m a grown man now. Jeezy. It’s all good. We got a little older now.”

I think in general people were referring to him as Jeezy anyway so I guess this means it’s official.  What do you guys think? Do you think others will follow suit, like Lil Wayne?  

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