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I just want one Disney female childhood star to have some sense of sanity or normalcy. Just one! First someone outs Raven-Symoné to the National Enquirer and now someone is spilling some steaming hot tea on the former childhood star. Ever wondered how Raven-Symoné lost all that weight? Well according to new reports it had nothing to do with Weight Watchers, that’s for sure.

I’m not saying that’s the only reason why she got into IT but I’m saying that’s how she lost weight.

Raven Symone Girlfriend AzMarie Livingston ATL Gay Pride

Want to know what “IT” is. Read the juicy details via Tattle Tailzz. SMH! I’m thinking this is another take down piece, and hopefully there’s no truth to it, however the last leak was true. We will reach out to Raven’s publicist to get a statement. This reminds me of those pregnancy rumors from back in the day.

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