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Michael Jordan Battling Yet Another Paternity Claim

Just when he got another claim tossed out, Michael Jordan is about to find himself back in court again, for the same hot mess.  TMZ is reporting that a woman (pictured below) by the name of Laquetta Theus has filed papers claiming that Michael Jordan is the father of her 2 year old daughter.

Photo courtesy of Facebook

Photo courtesy of Facebook

No word on the exact amount but Laquetta is seeking child support.  And I can only imagine how many zeros are included in that figure. But Michael‘s team is ready.  They’ve already filed legal documents that show that some other man is the father of Laquetta‘s child.  But that’s not stopping her.  Laquetta has even posted a message to Michael on her Facebook page. If she’s lying, she is definitely doing the utmost. Go hard or go home, I guess.  Check out the post below

LaQuetta Theus Facebook post

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