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Marvin Gaye III Looking For Kidney Donation

Right on the heels of the whole Blurred Lines fiasco with Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and T.I., Marvin Gaye III is speaking about about another battle: his personal battle with kidney failure.  According to NPR, Marvin Gaye III announced earlier this week that he was seeking a kidney donation for an organ transplant.

Photo courtesy of BET.com

Photo courtesy of BET.com

The son of late singer Marvin Gaye announced earlier this week that he’s been receiving dialysis for renal failure for three years and he’s having trouble finding a suitable kidney for transplant.

He said he is sharing his condition publicly to help draw attention to the challenges blacks and Hispanics face in finding healthy organ donors. He also says he plans to donate some proceeds from his forthcoming album to a kidney research organization.

Hopefully sharing his story will inspire someone who is a match to come forward and help out.

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