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He Mad: Kanye West Goes AWF On Jimmy Kimmel In Epic Twitter Rant

So a few days ago, Kanye West sat down with BBC Radio for an hour long interview.  That’s pretty amazing, since the only time you can catch Kanye sitting down in one place for that long is in a recording studio.  But Jimmy Kimmel took it upon himself to make a spoof on his show, featuring a couple of kids (check it out here if you’d like).  I thought it was alright. iChuckled.  But not everyone found it funny.

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Kanye proceeded to rant on his Twitter page PLUS he threw in some memes that he made (that were kinda weird).  I’m not gonna post the memes since they have graphic language on them, but you can view them here and here. I can kinda understand where Kanye is coming from.  He pretty much bared his soul and someone made fun of that. But sometimes you just gotta WOOSAH and focus on other things.  Or at least not post it all on Twitter.  If you wanna see the rant, check out Kanye’s tweets below

Kanye West Twitter rant about Jimmy Kimmel

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