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Kris Humphries Reportedly Auctioning Off Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring

It’s a common practice for people to want to get rid of things that reminds them of an old relationship once things are over.  And celebrities are no different.  According to RumorFix, Kris Humphries is ready to move forward in life, by auctioning off the 20 karat engagement ring he gave to Kim Kardashian.  20. KARATS. *Faints*

Kim Kardashian 20 Carat Engagement Ring

RumorFix spoke to a rep for Christie’s, who confirmed that the 16.21 center karat ring with 1.80 karat side diamonds is indeed designed by Lorraine Schwartz.  Those are the exact dimensions and designer of Kim’s ring.  Due to client confidentiality they could not disclose who the seller is but confirmed it is “a gentleman.” 

Yeah, I doubt that there aren’t too many people in the world that ordered a ring with the exact measurements of Kim‘s engagement ring anyway.  But if you’re interested in trying your hand, you can find the ring under the category of “Magnificent Jewels”.  The ring is estimated to be worth $2 Million, so I really don’t expect it to go for anything less than that, if you ask me.  Hope whoever snatches it up has better luck with love than Kris and Kim did!

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