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Kanye West Goes On Drunk Rant During Pusha-T Album Preview

You know, when I personally am feeling mad about something, my usual M.O. is to put on some music, watch a comedy movie, go out with friends, basically do anything that lifts my spirits so I can just burn off the steam before I go off on somebody.  And I guess ranting is Kanye‘s thing…but I don’t know.  I’m thinking he might need a new way to get it off his chest.  YouTube user TheSowmyaLife was in attendance at the Pusha-T album preview in NYC when suddenly a drunk Kanye grabbed the microphone.

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Kanye reiterated that he doesn’t care about corporations and selling out.  He said he rides with Pusha-T because they make good music.  Then he apologizes for being lit off of Grey Goose, before continuing his rant.  Be warned: This is GRAPHIC WORD USE. I.E., he cussing. A. LOT.  And loudly.  So if you’re at work, put your headphones in or turn down your speakers.  Check out the video below: 


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