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So Jaden Smith takes to twitter to rant about education and how it brainwashes people. Don’t even laugh at the Karate Kid Remake Star because this is for real. The middle child of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith thinks education is a tool for brainwashing. The world would be better off, according to Jaden, if everyone dropped out of school and let infants rule the world.

This is what happens when you do not have ENOUGH education to discern information. Yes, some educational systems can be used to brainwash kids, but the solution isn’t, “NO EDUCATION”. The solution is NO SCIENTOLOGY!!!

Jaden Smith Drop Out Of School

It gets worse, He believes the planet would be smarter if we all dropped out of school. Jaden also says that babies are the most intelligent beings. Someone’s been watching Baby Geniuses, I see…

Jaden Smith Drop Out Of School 2

Like I said before, Will and Jada’s kids are wealthy. They can afford to have an alternative view on education and still be successful. HOWEVER, your kids are probably not wealthy, and your kids will need all the brainwashing education they can get to survive in this world and make a living for themselves. Especially if they want to be a doctor, architect, or astronaut.  Education is the greatest way to end poverty and is an economic equalizer. When Will and Jada’s kids drop out of school they can make a movie. If they do something stupid they will go to counseling or rehab…your kids will probably go to jail.

There are girls in foreign countries fighting for a chance to have basic education as well as access to information just to battle oppression. Malala Yousafzai was shot point blank in the head so that extremist can deter education for girls.  I can’t with this one today!!! Don’t let me get started… *DEEP SIGH*

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