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Safety 1st: Adult Film Star Cameron Ray Says Costar Bleeding During Shoot

This story here is shocking and may be graphic for some readers.  I just want to warn anyone before I continue.  But The Huffington Post shared the story of adult film star Cameron Ray, who discovered she was HIV positive in August.  Her diagnosis was one of the events that halted filming for the adult film industry a few months ago.  But during a press conference Wednesday, Cameron described a moment during a shoot where her partner was bleeding…from his privates.

Cameron Bay

[Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post]

Choking back tears, Bay continued to describe her last shoot, filmed at a public bar in San Francisco for Kink.com.

“There were up to 50 people in the room with us. And we were laying on top of them. And they were touching inappropriately,” Bay said. “It all happened so fast. I didn’t realize how unsafe it was until I saw the pictures … You’re on a whole other level when you’re doing something so extreme.”

In a day and age when you think the importance of being sexually safe is hammered home all the time, it’s stories like these that let’s me know that there’s still work to do.  I can’t stress the importance of being safe AND getting tested.  While having HIV isn’t the death sentence it was before, we still need to take care of ourselves and the people around us. Don’t wait, y’all; get tested. It really IS life and death.

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