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Are You A Fan Of The Weeknd? Call Him & Tell Him So!

How many folks are a fan of The Weeknd? I enjoy some of his songs. I haven’t heard everything he has out there but I can say that his single Wicked Games still sounds good, almost a year later.  It seems The Weeknd is working on the promo for his first official album Kiss Land.  And he’s offering a fans the opportunity to reach out to him.

Photo courtesy of Instagram

Photo courtesy of Instagram

In the promo video, a phone number flashes on the screen.  If you call the number, you can leave a message for him.  And apparent he plans to return the love and call some of his fans back.  The promo vid includes a very bubbly Asian host but there are quick flashes of two women engaged in some explicit activities (sightly NSFW).  Wanna call him? Watch the video below

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