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Eve Discusses Racist Tweets She Received About Boyfriend On The Katie Couric Show

Oh Twitter. Such a gift and a curse.  When used properly, it can bring people together and open up your world to new knowledge and possibilities.  When used for evil…well…let’s just say it can make you want to shoot your computer.  While on the Katie Couric show, rapper Eve discussed the hateful tweets she received when she first started dating her boyfriend, race car driver and fashion designer Maximillion Cooper.  Who so happens to be white.

Eve on Katie Couric show

It was shocking. I’m dating a white man and… he’s cute. I got heat because I’m this black girl who comes from hip-hop and I’m dating a white man, and honestly… I’ve always just been a people person… and it just so happened to happen. I got so many hateful tweets from people, and I don’t understand hate.

Yo man.  You gotta really focus on people being happy and less on the outside appearance.  It’s so unfortunate racism is even an issue in 2013.  But Eve and Maximillion have been together for 3 years now so clearly they just shook the haters off! Check out the whole clip, when you continue… 

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