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Edgy Fashion: Rihanna Plays Around With Phallic Purse

No stranger to the “what the heck is she wearing?” reactions, Rihanna is taking things one step further.  Rihanna posted Instagram pics of a clutch that’s decorated with a golden penis.  Apparently it was a gift from Vivienne Westwood.

Rihanna clutch

Armed with her new handbag, she enjoyed some fun shots with security.  She captioned the pictures: My security getting d**ked down in public by my c**k clutch… By the look on his face… it tickled!!  Only RiRi!  Because there’s a penis decoration, I’m gonna go ahead and say that this might be slightly NSFW. Check out a few more pics, when you continue… 

Rihanna clutch2

Rihanna clutch3

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