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Toni Braxton Loses Rights To 27 Songs

Toni Braxton is not having the best week ever. She just finalized her divorced from husband Kerry Lewis of the group Mint Condition; rumors are circulating that Toni is now living with her sister, Tamar Braxton {read more about that here}; and according to TMZ the singer has lost 27 of her songs. You add Lupus and microvascular angina, and it just doesn’t seem right. They say God won’t put more on you than you can bear, and unlike many of us Toni has to carry her cross in the limelight.

Braxton Family Values Reunion Toni Braxton

Without publishing rights to many of her song, Toni Braxton will lose a lot in future royalties, which means less income. So how did this happen? Back in 2010, Toni Braxton’s personal property was used to leverage a deal to pay off her debtors when she filed for bankruptcy. One condition of the bankruptcy was that Toni Braxton could buy back her songs at $20,000 once old debts were paid off and settled…provided she was not outbid:

TMZ broke the story … Braxton struck a deal in her bankruptcy case, in which she settled with her various debtors.  Part of the deal — Toni could buy back 27 songs from her music catalog for $20K — with one BIG string attached … she could be outbid.

Enter a guy named Ross M. Klein, who doubled Toni’s price and nabbed the tunes.

Among the 27 are a few hits, including “You’re Making Me High,” “How Many Ways,” and “Always.”

Perhaps her biggest hit … “Un-Break My Heart” is not among the 27 — but probably only because Dianne Warren wrote it … not Toni.

So glad Toni Braxton has Braxton Family Values, and FAITH. I will definitely be tuning in next season to support Toni and her sisters.

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