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The MTV Video Music Awards has come and gone, and we have a few highlights of the show for you.

Rihanna was very popular just sitting in the crowd last night. Celebs stopped by to take pictures with her, and the MTV camera kept panning to the singer to get her reaction on every performance, including Drake’s (Priceless!). -AND- Look who else snapped a few pics with Rihanna

MTV VMA 2013 Will Smith Rihanna

Will Smith and his son, Jaden, with the photo-bomb in the background. My my new little favorite white-cougar-crush…Harry Styles of One Direction also couldn’t resist a pic with the pop star. BTW, Harry Styles is Taylor Swift’s ex in case you didn’t know… Rihanna, better watch her back. Taylor Swift can be cray-cray, and will write a song about it. O_O

MTV VMA 2013 Harry Styles One Direction Rihanna

MTV VMA 2013 Jaden Smith Rihanna

MTV VMA 2013 Will Smith Rihanna 2

My Rihanna crush hath return…

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