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Oprah Winfrey is on this week’s cover of JET magazine discussing her new role in Lee Daniel’s The Butler. Oprah has taken a 15 years hiatus from acting, and returns to the big screen in this remarkable film. Lee Daniel’s The Butler, follows the lives of a black working class family who’s patriarch serves as a butler to The White House. We get to see a racial and class perspective of America’s history as seen through the eyes of the staff and their families.

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Oprah’s character is Gloria Gaines, the wife of the main character Cecil Gaines, played by Forrest Whitaker. In a sit-down with the Editor-in-Chief of JET magazine, Oprah explains why she took on this role and what she would say to the critics:

This film is a tribute to both the working-class Negro of that time and all of the many unsung heroes whose names never made the history books,” said Winfrey.  “It never occurred to me that there could be any [backlash] until you said it… But if there’s a backlash, so be it!”

I can’t wait to see this film. You just have to love Oprah for being so real. During this interview she talks about her own struggles with race, her successes, and her failures. She also offers a word of advice for anyone who wants to achieve success in life:

The biggest fallacy on earth is that you can be anything that you want to be. You can only be what you were meant to be.

Pick-up the latest issues of JET to read the rest of the interview.

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