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Kevin Hart posted some cute pictures of him and his girlfriend, Eniko Parrish, celebrating their four year anniversary in Figi. Who would have known one little tweet would cause so much drama?

Kevin Eniko Fiji Vacation

Kevin Hart soon found himself on defense, having to explain or not explain how it’s possible that he and Eniko are celebrating their 4 year anniversary when he and his wife, Torrei Skipper Hart, filed for divorce just two and a half years ago. January of 2011, to be exact. Did Kevin Hart accidentally reveal an affair??? Our friends at Yazmar certainly thinks so, check out the juicy scoop.

This also explains why Kevin Hart went on a twitter rant about not judging him:

I’m sitting on the beach thinking about life right now….Here’s what I want to share with my Fans…..Nobody knows MY life better than me, Nobody knows what I’ve been thru better than ME…..Nobody knows why I’ve made certain decisions in my life better than ME, Nobody knows how hard my road to success was better than ME…Nobody knows about my Relationship with my Family Friends & Girlfriend better than ME….so with that being said HOW CAN YOU JUDGE ME!!! I’m in such a good mental space right now & 4 that I thank God! I’m a open book with my fans all the time which is why I shared my thoughts.

LOL! Obviously Kevin Hart is funnier than I thought. We’re not judging you, just questioning your judgment. This fool is mad because he shared too much on twitter, and people didn’t clap for him after doing the math. Now he’s sitting on twitter tweeting about judgment. Where was his judgment at when he posted those tweets? SMH!

If you think Torrei Hart wasn’t hurt or upset by his affairs, check out her candid interview regarding the reason why they divorced:

I told him if divorce is something that he really wants, because I’m not going to sit around and wait for you to sell your oats, and think that you can run around town and then come back to me. I’m not that type of woman either. So I said ‘If you really want a divorce, I think you should file the divorce. File the papers.’ And he did that about a year and a half later, he finally filed the papers. And I guess I kind of pushed him to file the papers, because it’s either you’re going to file, or you’re gonna you know, come back home. But I’m not going to just sit around and wait for you to do everything that you want to do because you’re famous now and then think it’s okay. Maybe it would’ve been different had we not been in the spotlight, but you know when the spotlight is on you, you just can’t display certain types of behavior. {Source}


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