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Justin Bieber’s BFF Lil Twist Accused Of Battery At Bieber’s Home

Listen.  I really have nothing for Justin Bieber. I mean, he’s okay but I DEFINITELY haven’t drank the Kool-Aid on that chick dude.  But there’s one thing I do know: he needs new friends.  The most random BFF ever, Lil Twist, is causing problems at his house.  And that’s a violation.  According to Gossip Cop, Lil Twist is accused of getting physical with a woman during a party, at Bieber‘s mansion.  The woman says she was trying to leave the party around 3:30 AM when Lil Twist grabbed her by the arm, trying to prevent her departure.  She eventually got away and drove straight to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.  But Lil Twist‘s rep released a statement to Gossip Cop, painting quite a difference picture:

Photo courtesy of Justin Bieber's Instagram

Photo courtesy of Justin Bieber’s Instagram


A rep for the rapper tells Gossip Cop, “Lil Twist was not involved in any battery. He asked the guest of a third party at the home to leave, and security escorted the guest from the premises after the guest became disruptive.”

Say man.  Just the fact that people are having parties when you’re not even at the crib is enough for me to block your number on my cell phone.  Hopefully Beebs does something about that.

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