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Foxy Brown Breaks Down In Tears Over Constant Rumor Attacks

Foxy Brown made a tearful plea to, “Let her live,” during an interview on MTV’s RapFix Live. This video clip almost broke my heart when she talks about defending the constant lies in the media. To have such a strong woman break down while talking about her plight puts everything in perspective. Big Daddy Kane tries to help Foxy Brown see the negativity as free publicity, but it doesn’t stop the lies from hurting, she tearfully explains.

When it’s just completely redundant, when it’s just negative stuff constantly.  It becomes annoying, it becomes tiring…I have tears in my eyes…The fact that somebody could just lie, and it becomes the trending topic. Where everybody is talking about it, and you just have to constantly stop. I have to come out of the booth, and stop what I’m doing to defend a lie.

While on RapFix Live, Foxy Brown explains why her beef keeps getting reignited with Lil Kim, and how she’s trying to squash her beef with Lil Kim by constantly extending the olive branch. She explains the drama behind Summer Jam, and why Fabolous set was cut, plus she explains why Nicki Minaj is her heart. Check out the rest of the videos at MTV.

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