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Drake Posts Video Of Police Stop On Instagram

So, what do you do when you get pulled over by the cops?  Post the whole incident for the whole world to see, that’s what!  At least that’s the thinking Drake had.  During a traffic stop yesterday, he pulled out his camera to record a clip for his Instagram followers to see.

Drake posts traffic stop on Instagram

He didn’t specifically name the cop but he did note that she was cute.  And apparently he was stopped for not having license plates in the front of his car.  But I think the funniest part is his patois usage in the caption: Mrs. Officer on a draw down ting.  #BwoyDem#ActuallyGyalDem  #NeedAFrontPlate #ExcuseToPullOverTheBoy  #LovedHerSmile #HatedHerAccent #NWTS  Check out the vid below

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