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Dave Chappelle Storms Off Stage After Crowd Heckling In Connecticut

I think Dave Chappelle quitting Chappelle’s Show in the height of its greatness will probably be one of those things that will be remembered as a disastrous event for entertainment of the 21st century.  It seems like nothing has been going his way since then.  Its clear that Dave is a funny guy and very talented but it seems like he’s having to work twice as hard to get back to his funny self.  TMZ is reporting that after getting on stage in Hartford, Connecticut, Dave stopped his set after a few minutes because some people in the audience was heckling him.

Dave Chappelle Departing Guys and Dolls in West Hollywood on June 29, 2009

After that, he proceeded to sit down on stage and talk to the crowd about heckling for about 25 minutes before walking off the stage.  I know when Dave came to Dallas last week, I heard nothing but good things about the show.  So I don’t know WHAT they said to piss him off but I kinda blame those audience members who couldn’t shut up for this one.  I never understood heckling anyway.  You’re PAYING to sit down and insult someone? Just go do it for free on Twitter like everyone else.  Check out a video of his set below


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