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Kanye West finally shares a picture of Baby North West, aka, Baby Nori with the world. I was scared this kid would have graduated from high school before Kanye gave us a first look.

Oh, and find out what Kanye West does not want to happen to his baby girl…via Hollywood Hiccups. Who knew Kanye also had a sense of humor, too?

North West Baby Photo Kim Kardashian Kanye West

She is too darn cute. No wonder Kanye West can’t stop smiling.

BTW, Kanye West appeared on his soon to be mother-in-law’s talk show to tell the world that he’s in love with Kim Kardashian. He says that she brings him joy and his doesn’t care about her past or the paparazzi. Although, many people made fun of his extremely articulate voice, I was happy that he defended his relation in the media.

That was the first time I’ve ever seen Kanye this comfortable in an interview. He had no trouble finding his words.

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