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Sorry Chris Brown & Drake: Timbaland Said He’s The Only One Who Can Make A Hit With Aaliyah’s Music

With the success of Justin Timberlake‘s 20\20 Experience and Jay Z‘s Magna Carta…Holy Grail, Timbaland is getting warmed up with his production skills.  Rumor has it that he will be producing Nas‘ next album (WIN!) and I’m sure there’s a long list of people trying to work with him. But we all know that Timbaland will always have a soft spot in his heart for the late Aaliyah.  He spoke to Revolt TV recently about the recent collabos of Aaliyah‘s music with Chris Brown and Drake and let’s just say, he’s not particularly feeling it.

Timbaland Revolt TV

Giving his opinion on the Aaliyah features by both Chris Brown (“Don’t Think They Know”) and Drake (“Enough Said”), Timbo dished out his two cents saying, “In music, people always say, ‘Oh I’m going to do a song with Aaliyah’ [but] it will never work,” he explained. “Chris Brown got a record, it won’t work. Drake got a record, it ain’t gonna work because Aaliyah music only work with it’s soulmate, which is me,” he further commented.

Personally, I don’t even know why either one of them didn’t approach Timbaland before using it anyway.  Even if it wasn’t necessarily required, it’s no new info that he had a special bond with Aaliyah. It would just be good practice, I’d think.  But, Timbaland did have some good words to say about Drake. Check it out, when you continue… 

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