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VIDEO: 2 Chaniz Robbed By Skipping Thug At Gunpoint

Last week TMZ broke the news that 2 Chainz and his crew were robbed at gunpoint. It was also reported that 2 Chainz’ “homies” took off running and left 2 Chainz to fend for himself.

The truth is, according to the video, they all took off running, including 2 Chainz, because they were caught off guard in broad daylight by several gun men. 2 Chainz tripped and fell while running which left him vulnerable to the attack. Since everyone made it out with their lives, it seems like running was probably the best choice.

2 Chainz Denies Being Robbed

TMZ released the video (below) after 2 Chainz denied via twitter that he was robbed at gunpoint.I don’t know what to believe, but I’m glad 2 Chainz is ALIVE. However watching that guy with a gun skipping after 2 Chainz and ’em, almost makes this whole ordeal feel like a huge joke. Check it out:

According to police reports, 2 Chainz was allegedly uncooperative, and said he would handle the situation himself.

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