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So Draya Michelle finds herself in a twitter war of words after hashtagging a simple question, “What have you done for your family lately?” I don’t know if people felt like this was an open invitation to express how they really felt about Draya and her child endangerment case, but things got ugly really fast. People on twitter can be so cruel, and Draya was snatched, slayed, dragged, and re-seated all across her twitter feed.

Draya Twitter War Over Son Beef

People make mistakes, y’all! I feel like I’m partly responsible for posting the charges and confirming them. I will, however, come to Draya’s defense and say that she is trying to grow and make a better way for her family, and people need to be more supportive instead of dragging her through their twitter feeds. Anyway, you can check out the rest of the tweets here. Why y’all have to be so mean….though! {continue reading via Tattle Tailzz}

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