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Lil Wayne Insists Stepping On The US Flag Was A Mistake

A couple of days ago, a clip went viral on the internet of Lil Wayne shooting a video for the song God Bless Amerika. In the video, Wayne steps all over the American flag as he performs for the scene.  That didn’t sit well with a lot of people and he’s been experiencing backlash ever since.  But this morning Lil Wayne tried to address it, by insisting that it wasn’t intentional.

Lil Wayne tweet about flag

I mean, I get that it probably wasn’t intentional but once the flag dropped, you mean to tell me you couldn’t feel it under your feet?  Or when you glanced down you didn’t see it and think it get off?  I actually think he didn’t mean to but didn’t see it as a big deal, and is now doing some back pedaling.  Check out the video in question and tell me what you think: 


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