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LeBron Leads The Heat To Victory: “I Ain’t Got No Worries”

Normally, I’m not a Miami Heat fan, and I’m still probably not because I live in Texas, but I really respect how LeBron James lead his team to victory over the San Antonio Spurs. I also respect how he praised Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs as a “first class organization.” When accepting the MVP award, James didn’t lead with a heart felt message about starting from the bottom (well actually he kind of did), however it’s the end of his speech that captured headlines:

I’m LeBron James, from Akron, Ohio. From the inner city. I’m not even supposed to be here. [*shrugs*] That’s enough! Every night I walk into the locker room I see a number six with James on the back. I’m blessed, so whatever everybody say about me off the court, DON’T MATTER. I ain’t got no worries…

LeBron James King Win No Worries

At first I was like, he’s so arrogant, but then I thought about the campaign Lil Wayne lead against Miami Heat, all of the internet jokes about LeBron’s hairline, leaked rumors about Dwyane Wade’s late nights during the finals, the constant Jordan comparisons, and I realized his message was right on point. Hopefully Lil Wayne is sending him a gift basket with an apology note attached.

LeBron James doesn’t have to be your favorite basketball player, and you don’t even have to like him, but at this point he definitely should have earned your respect. He certainly has mine…Congrats!

P.S. – I have a Birdman crush. Shhhh! #ChrisAndersen #Texas

Chris Birdman Andersen Miami Heat

Speaking of Texas, a big congrats to Dallas’ own Chris Bosh. Oh! and regarding those D Wade rumors, Gabrielle Union is right where she wants to be. -AND- Everyone is happy!

Gabrielle Union Celebrates Dwyane Wade



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