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Janet Jackson Goes Germaphobe-Cray In First Class; Germs Meltdown?

For some reason, Janet Jackson is married to a billionaire, but had to fly first class from London to Los Angeles, commercial. According to onlookers, Janet Jackson was not happy about her peasant like conditions in first class. The singer/actress was spotted scrubbing the plane for over 40 minutes.

That explains why Janet likes outfits with pockets.  In Janet’s defense, perhaps she saw something gross, and just wanted to feel comfortable on the long flight to LA. I don’t blame her one bit!


Check out the details when continue…

Mrs. Jackson recently boarded a first class flight from London to LA., on the British Airways, and I dont think anybody on board was prepared to witness Ms. Jackson going bonkers over ‘GERMS’!!! Apparently, Janet is a germaphobe and spent more than 40 minutes on her flight, disinfecting her area!! Reportedly, the meltdown took place in front of onlookers including Victoria Beckham, who was also on the flight.

They’re trying to make Janet Jackson sound crazy. She probably just pulled out a wet-nap and wiped her tray. But what people really want to know is…why was Mrs. Janet Wissam Al Mana flying commercial anyway?

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