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Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada, and Tami Roman all cover Upscale magazine dressed in white looking like angels. The Basketball Wives cast of bullies have decided to do better, not because they saw themselves on TV season after season after season hopping tables and throwing bows, but due to the negative backlash. In the interview the women talk about their behavior, their struggles, and why they kicked Royce Reed and Jennifer Williams off the show.

People were connecting my behavior on the show with the incident with Chad. They were like, ‘Well if she acts like that on the show, then I’m sure she acts like that at home.’ I’m a totally different person at home.

Basketball Wives Cover Upscale Magazine.jog

It wasn’t just one season, it was several seasons. The audience finally had it when Evelyn turned on her “friend” Jen over very simple comment about Chad, who turned out to be NO GOOD!  Not only turn did Ev turn on Jen, but put all of her business out in the streets. I like these women individually off the show, and they have been very kind to bloggers, as far as access.  However I would rather see the change. Dressing in white and going on a publicity binge doesn’t equate to change. Anyway check out the rest of the interview, and see why they kicked Jen off the show.

Royce has been a non-motherf—ing factor for the last two seasons, so it just didn’t make sense anymore. And as for Jennifer—Shaunie is [being] nice but I’m going to tell you this—we don’t condone the incident with Jennifer, but we do reality TV. You know something’s bound to happen when you put a bunch of women together and there’s a lot of behind the scenes conversation and gossip going on. So when Jennifer went on this whole anti-show campaign, it was a little tough for us as cast members. {Read the rest via Tract Her Trail Her}

See Evelyn still doesn’t get it. Evelyn brought another person on the show just to attack Jen, and expose her. Jen felt betrayed by the cast and the show. It was very personal, it was no longer a reality “show”, it was a relationship broken over nonsense. From love to violence. On top of that it looked like a set-up. There may be more to the story, but what was shown on TV was foul.

I wish the women well, but in reading the interview, I see little accountability, just excuses. {…continue reading the interview here}. Let me know what you think!

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