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Evelyn Lozada is ready to share with the world the damages caused by Chad Ochocinco after the infamous head-butting assault that lead to the couple’s divorce last summer. Even with mix feelings on how Evelyn carries herself on Basketball Wives, I  am proud of her for not staying in an abusive relationship. It takes a lot of courage to leave when all eyes are on you, especially after just getting married. For those that didn’t think it was that serious, here’s a picture of the damage:

Evelyn Lozada Headbutting Photos Scar

More pictures when you continue via TMZ

Evelyn Lozada Headbutting Photos Scar Gash

Evel Lozada Head Butting Scar Gash

I don’t know why these pictures are coming out now, but it’s Evelyn’s story to tell in her own time. Now is her time! With the start of Basketball Wives, I know a lot of people will have questions.

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