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Chris Brown Apologizes To Rihanna Via Facebook?

Chris Brown is in his feelings and feels the need to issue a public apology to ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, via Facebook. Finally when these two are not making headlines, and the publicity surrounding their on and off again relationship has settled down, Chris Brown decides to apologize:

I will always have love for you no matter what. No new friends. We been riding for each other for 9 years. I gotcha back no matter what happens. I’m not gonna let these childish people come between us. Nor the media. I apologize to you from the bottom of my heart. One day I will be able to right my wrongs I did when it came to me and you. We rocking no matter what! #1Love #RealTalk

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Of course Rihanna decides to respond. She sends two very different messages, one message via twitter, and yet another via Facebook:

ll always have love for you too no matter what, you know I’m always here for you and i ain’t going nowhere and can’t nobody change that. Im Team Breezy till the death of me! Cuz when we ride we ride It’s ’til the day we die… {Read he rest via Tattle Taillz}

Just when you think these two have made amends, Rihanna also writes on her twitter page something totally different…continue reading here. Now I’m confused. I guess this means the friendship is back on, but the relationship is OFF!

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