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One of the biggest fashion events of who’s who in celebrity is the MET Gala by Anna Wintour. This year’s Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit is Punk: Chaos to Couture. Judging by the theme, I would say J-Lo and that hair (pompadour faux hawk) kills it on the red carpet, and Miley Cyrus in Marc Jacobs impresses. Here are a few of the red carpet looks from some of our favorite celebs:

MET Gala Beyonce Alicia Miley Kerry J Lo

SIDE NOTE: Kim Kardashian finally walks the red carpet at the MET Gala this year, thanks to her boyfriend Kanye West, who seems to be falling back in love with his woman. Kanye West performs a song dedicated to Kim and her awesomeness.  Although Kim Kardashian strays from the PUNK theme, she looks very glamorous and maternal in all floral. More pics when you continue…

MET Gala Kim Kardashian Kany West

MET Gala 2013 Alicia Keys Back

MET Gala 2013 Beyonce Front

MET Gala Jennifer Lopez Back

MET Gala Kerry Washington Front

MET Gala Miley Cyrus Front

BONUS: Kanye West singing to Kim’s awesomeness. A pregnant woman needs that…with one song he shuts down all of us non-believers.


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