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Gotta love Momma Dee for keeping it real, sometimes too real, though. Although Momma Dee is not a fan of Erica Dixon, she is not going to hate on Erica’s cakes. Unlike Scrappy’s ex, who paid for her assets, Erica Dixon’s cakes are all natural homegrown hog fed real. To prove it, Erica is showing off her shape for Black Men.

Erica Dixon Black Men Magazine Bikini

Check out some behind the scenes pictures of Erica Dixon via Twana Tells. Erica has a strong face, but in a good way. She’s striking, and it’s hard to pinpoint the source of her beauty, but even harder to take your eyes off her.

P.S. – Speaking of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, I heard Michelle K and Joseline Hernandez jumped Karlie Redd. Not one cray cast member, but two. Isn’t Karlie like 54? Who jumps their elders?

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