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Mimi Faust Ex-Boo Nikko Smith Writing Songs To Get Her Back

Mimi Faust of Love & Hip-Hop ATL may not be able to keep Stevie J, but she can’t get rid of Nikko Smith either. Apparently Nikko wants Mimi back after clearing up those gay rumors, and he EVEN wrote a song about it, with a video.

The singer’s new single may very well be about Mimi. In the last several months, she and Nikko have had an on-and-off again relationship. In fact, she was recently rumored to have moved on to a white man during a brief breakup with Nikko. Therefore, it’s not surprising the woman in the video is seen in a new relationship with a white man. {Source}

Nikko LHHATL Speaks On Gay Rumors

I didn’t know MiMi dated a white man, too. Yet she’s still in love with Stevie J and Joseline. Anyway you can check out Nikko’s video here. These reality love triangles are just getting more and more complicated. SMH! Mimi got men writing songs about it, though.

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