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I might have to do some research to really verify this, but I think Kim Kardashian as had one of the most atrocious pregnancy wardrobes I’ve ever seen.  Which is amazing because prior to it her style was fashionable, if not a little too much sometimes.  But it’s like she’s been fighting the fact that she’s pregnant and taking it out on her clothes.  Case in point: that horrible MET Gala flower bomb dress. *shudders* But Kim is looking down right fabulous in a bikini on the cover of this week’s Us Weekly.

Kim Kardashian prego Us Weekly cover

Sporting a nice, round belly at seven months, this beach look is probably the best Kim has looked in a minute.  She’s embracing her growing belly, not trying to ignore it like nothing is there.  Kim does acknowledge that she’s been having difficulty in her pregnancy style, with a quote from her blog earlier this year: “I struggle finding things that don’t make me look heavy.” UNDERSTATEMENT, FOR THE WIN.

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