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Kanye West Has Decided He’s Not A Celebrity

So Kanye West has decided that he’s not a celebrity anymore, he’s an artist. You can read his rant on stage at Necole Bitchie. But below is my rant:


I know acting all hard and running into a metal pole in front of millions of humans thanks to the paparazzi is very embarrassing. But real people run into poles everyday, and you know what they do about it…they laugh. The fact that Kanye West is on stage talking about, “I’m not a celebrity,” but ‘buy this new album I just finished and shot out to my girl who’s famous for home videos and carrying my seed,’ just undermines his point. These rants almost seem like a satirical SNL skit, and it’s just hard to take Kanye West seriously these days. His whole last album, WTT, which was great, was about commercialism, designer labels, and things that don’t necessarily matter to real people when they’re having real problems of their own. However this year with this new album, he’s now JUST an artist.

Kanye West delivers a great product for people to purchase, and yes, it’s art but with a price tag set by his record label, if we’re being honest. There is nothing wrong with Kanye West, except for Kanye West and his insecurities. Until he resolves that struggle of who he really is versus who he wants to be in the limelight, we will keep having these rants when it’s time for us to buy a new album! Kanye is like a political pundit, great at telling us what’s wrong with everything, seldom expresses what’s right, and does little to actually resolve any of it. Always a victim, even of his own success as well as his shortcomings. It’s hard for me to roll around in Kanye’s pity, when I know he has a platform to make God famous, instead of making himself infamous. No one is forcing this life on Kanye West. Not one!!!


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