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Guess Who?: Name That Throwback Celebrity Second Grader

It’s not Thursday but throwback photos seem to be the flavor of the month!  Try your hand at this one.  Guess who? This celebrity wife and mother has a family of entertainers and freethinkers.  She often comes under fire with her parenting technique and the arrangements within her marriage but she and her husband don’t let it phase them.

Jada Pinkett Smith throwback picture

She posted the photo on her Facebook page with the caption, “The world has been heavy for me lately. I needed something to make me laugh. Can you say, “apple head”? HA! Find a reason to laugh a lot today.”  And she still looks the same to me!  See who it is, when you continue… 

It’s Jada Pinkett Smith! I bet if you put this picture next to Willow‘s second grade age picture it’d be almost identical.  Cutie!

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