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I hate to see teen celebrities turn out so broken. A few days ago, Amanda Bynes hopped on twitter and blamed Rihanna for the Chris Brown assault, tweeting, Rihnna, Chris Brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough.”

Oh, but she wrote a lot more, check it out here. The next day Bynes claimed her twitter account was abducted, but we know now that’s not true.

The former actress, was also arrested for drug possession after cops were called to her house. Amanda Bynes was caught smoking marijuana, and throwing the evidence, a bong, out of the window.  Although her mugshot proves that she’s practically bald, she appeared in court with this wig on:

Amanda Bynes Court Appearance Blond Wig

I don’t know what happened to Amadan Bynes, and I don’t believe it’s just drug use as so many people are speculating. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an underlining mental illness being covered up by drug use. Her “crazy” antics are an outward sign that she needs help!!! How far down does she have to go before someone steps in? It reminds me of Maia Campbell, and all the people who exploited her addiction not realizing she was also bi-polar and dealing with the death of her mother. You can check out Amanda’s mugshot here, but hopefully soon her parents will have the power to check her into a program to find out what’s really going on.

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