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Chris Kelly Of Kris Kross Reportedly Dead At Age 34

UPDATE: Sadly it looks like drugs may have been a factor. It is believed that Chris Kelly died from a drug overdose from a mixture of heroin and cocaine. That doesn’t take away from his legacy or my memories. R.I.P

I don’t know what to say because just a few years ago social media played an awful hoax reporting that Chris ‘Mac Daddy’ Kelly was dead. It turned out to be cruel and unfounded. However tonight, according to radio personality Greg Street, Chris Kelly, 34, one half of the rap duo Kris Kross was found in his home unresponsive by someone identified as Donna. Shortly after, Chris Kelly was pronounced dead.

Around 7:45 I received a phone call from his cousin saying they had found Kelly at the house just 20 minutes earlier and he was unresponsive. I just received confirmation that he has passed. {Source}

Kris Kross Chris Kelly Mac Daddy Dead

[Chris Smith (left), Chris Kelly (right)]

This sad news come on the heels of the 20 year anniversary of SoSo Def, where Kris Kross reunited on stage to celebrate their hits from the early 90’s. Brian Michael Cox and Big Boi have also tweeted their condolences. NBC affiliate in Atlanta (11 Alive) reports:

According to the Fulton County Medical Examiner, Kelly was discovered unresponsive at his home. He pronounced dead at Atlanta Medical Center – South Fulton shortly after 8 p.m.

The cause of death has not yet been determined. No further details were immediately released. {Source}

An autopsy will be performed Thursday to find out the cause.

Feels surreal. I wore my overalls backwards. My best friend and I fought over Mac Daddy and Daddy Mac. I knew the dance routines. Sad day! R.I.P Chris Kelly!!!

Chris Kelly Mac Daddy Dead


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