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For people who say they want a “private life”, Rihanna and Chris Brown keep going public with their ish. Of course, Rihanna takes her issues to twitter, and since Chris Brown is back to tweeting, he responds. This time I’m siding with both Rihanna and Chris Brown. Obviously, more maturity is needed in this relationship with both parties involved. Before things get nasty, it’s best for Chris Brown to walk away until a better time, or perhaps just walk away for good.

Rihanna Chris Brown Argue On Twitter

Rihanna is right, she deserves more, but only from a person ready to give more. She can’t make a man, a man. In this industry with all the temptation, 25 is too young to be loyal. Jay-Z was like 40 when he settled down.  If Rihanna can’t stop taking everything to twitter, then I would say she’s not ready either. To be fair, Rihanna didn’t care about loyalty when Chris Brown was dating Karrueche, going on Oprah and confessing her love for a man already involved.

But it’s young love, we’ve all been there. It’s not over, yet!!!

Rihanna Chris Brown Argue On Twitter Again

Even though I’m a blogger, when it comes to relationships, I believe people should keep it private. Definitely do not involve the world into the drama.

[Source via Tattle Tailzz]

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