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BUSTED!! 33 High School Kids Suspended For Twerk Team Video

Hobbies.  That’s the key word of the day, folks.  Get you and your family some. Otherwise you might wind up getting involved in stupid stories like this. NBC 7 San Diego is reporting that 33 kids from a local high school were suspended after posting a twerking video on YouTube. The video was filmed at Scripps Ranch High School by students in a media class.  During their 6th period class, 32 students took to twerking while one filmed. Using the schools media equipment. They then edited and uploaded the video to YouTube. *The Price Is Right losing horn*

Scripps Ranch High School twerking

The administration at the school was fed up!  They suspended all 33 students.  No word on what the specifics are but one student took to twitter to report that they were banned from prom AND from walking across the stage for graduation.  The administration says they broke school policy.  I don’t know why in God’s green earth they thought this was a good idea but here they are… SMH Check out the news story, when you continue… 

View more videos at: http://nbcsandiego.com.


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