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[VIDEO] Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Explode At Paparazzi At Airport

Things like this remind me of how hard it must be to have some sense of normalcy while being a celebrity.  Especially when there’s children involved. Halle Berry has never been a fan of the paparazzi since day one, but I can’t really say I know too many who like them.  Yes, a photo op here and there is alright but to know you can’t even run outside to get the mail without someone trying to scale the wall to take a picture of you without makeup…as Gucci Mane would said “scressful”!!  TMZ caught footage of Halle Berry, her fiance Olivier Martinez and Halle‘s daughter Nahla leaving LAX in a sea of photo hungry paparazzi.

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez explode at PAPS

Halle always attempts to keep them as far as away from her daughter as possible and some paparazzi get too close for her comfort, imprompting some shouting and shoving.  Olivier then calmly puts Nahla in their vehicle but comes out swinging, prompting Halle to hold him back.  Check out the video below: 


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