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Teen Mom Farrah On Sex Tape: “Something I Needed For Me”

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has been in the news lately for a tape she reportedly made with her “boyfriend”. Turns out her “boyfriend” isn’t actually her “boyfriend”, he’s adult entertainer, James Deen. The tape isn’t exactly a home video, but Farrah’s attempt at jumping to the next level in stardom like other “socialites”. Farrah tried to sell the tape for $2 million, but couldn’t fine any takers. So now she’s sending a cease and desist letter to Vivid Entertainment, preventing them from promoting the tape, unless they pay her the $2 million, first. According to Hollywood Hiccups, Vivid only offered Farrah $100,000.

Farrah Abraham Tape Problems

So now Farrah has suffered a very public backlash, and on top of it all, she’s not getting the benefits she was hoping for. Since James Deen is in the film, Farrah may only have half the say so on the final price. There’s always a lesson to be learned in these situation, and here’s what Farrah says she’s learned:

I’ve learned a lot. As my young fans and others should expect I made sure my partner was tested and clean as well as contraception was used. This is just something I personally needed for me. {Read the rest at Hollywood Hiccups}

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