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..a Pepsi commercial. LMAO!! *The Price Is Right losing horn* I know there’s a lot of broken hearts over this announcement.  They were so eager to here a new single from Beyoncé.  And I’m sure it’s coming.  And the music used in the commercial may very well be a future song. But for now, y’all are just gonna have to have this cold pop and a seat.

Beyonce Pepsi commercial

The commercial is cute — a practicing Beyoncé takes a swig of Pepsi and all of a sudden her past Bey‘s appear in the mirrors. Destiny’s Child Bey, Crazy In Love Bey and Single Ladies Bey, which give her the strength to finish pop locking.  Check out the commercials and more pictures, when you continue… 

Beyonce Pepsi commercial 4 Beyonce Pepsi commercial 3 Beyonce Pepsi commercial 2

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