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Rihanna has a volatile personality and to be honest, she often goes too far with her reaction to things *whispers Ciara beef*. It’s amusing at times to see her attack people on twitter, mainly Ciara, but this time the singer has taken drama to a new high. Everyone knows Chris Brown and Drake are at odds, because because of Rihanna. Instead of being the mature woman and helping settle things, Rihanna adds more fuel to the fire.

Rihanna Drake What's My Name Video

Rihanna decides to follow Drake out of the blue on Instagram and publicly like a bunch of his photos, in an eff-Chris-Brown moment, just days before Chris Brown’s birthday. So much for the mature relationship!!!

This girl is playing games and with two men who’ve had a fight, well a bottle tossing. Two passionate people with no maturity ends in a horrible news cycle: #justsaying.

Someone has to be the bigger person. I kind of agree with Chris Brown’s father, Chris Brown probably needs to be with someone more grounded and less cray-cray…

You have to have a balance in a relationship. You have to have someone who is spontaneous and whimsical but you also have to have someone who is grounded and logical.

If we’re back to playing games and trying to get negative reactions, then we’re back to a formula that leads to a cycle of abuse. Mature people people just walk away. Mature people don’t have time for games because they know there’s someone else to fill old shoes. Just two weeks ago, Drake was calling Rihanna “that girl” that fell into his lap, talking about how he hit it, and now she likes his Instagram.

Hopefully Drake is over the antics, too.

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