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So Rihanna & Erica Mena Hooked Up…In Back Of SUV???

I’m not the type to gossip, lol, but according to my friends at Tattle Taillz, Erica Mena busted it wide open for Rihanna once. We all know Erica Mena is thirsty, but we also know Erica has been linked to many women in the industry before and while she was madly in love with Rich Dollaz on LHH. At least two of those women dated Chris BrownRihanna and Draya. I shouldn’t be shocked, oh but I am!

Erica says her girl-on-girl sex session with RiRi happened in the back of an SUV, a few years back. That’s after the reality star says she [Erica] was “so high” before finding herself in the vehicle with RiRi, two other girls, and two of the pop singer’s fingers…{continue here}

Erica Mena Draya Michelle

Wow Erica, you definitely could write a book…I’m fairly certain if it’s true, Rihanna did not want it put out there like that. Check out Erica’s confirmation below…

It happened so long ago. I’m not one to throw people under the bus after I’ve messed around with them. Ha ha!! But it did happen.

Let’s be honest…

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