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Rick Ross Apologizes With Real Apology About Rape

After losing an endorsement deal with Reebok, and after being kicked off the U.O.E.N.O remix by Rocko, Rick Ross has issued a real apology. Not an apology like the first one where he basically tells women they misinterpret his straight forward words, but an apology that actually addresses the problem with his lyrics. Sadly, many young men do NOT realize getting a girl drunk or high in order to have sex with her is a form of assault, especially if you spike her drink.  I understand that wasn’t the message Rick Ross was trying to promote, but there are many young men out there, who just don’t get it. Thus the reason they’re posting youtube videos of themselves raping drunk girls and thinking it’s funny, ruining lives, including their own.

Rick Ross Rozay New Years Eve Cameo Maimi

Check out Rick Ross’s apology when you continue. Perhaps if he would have said this at first:

Before I am an artist, I am a father, a son, and a brother to some of the most cherished women in the world. So for me to suggest in any way that harm and violation be brought to a woman is one of my biggest mistakes and regrets. As an artist, one of the most liberating things is being able to paint pictures with my words. But with that comes a great responsibility. And most recently, my choice of words was not only offensive, it does not reflect my true heart. And for this, I apologize.

To every woman that has felt the sting of abuse, I apologize. I recognize that as an artist I have a voice and with that, the power of influence. To the young men who listen to my music, please know that using a substance to rob a woman of her right to make a choice is not only a crime, it’s wrong and I do not encourage it. To my fans, I also apologize if I have disappointed you. I can only hope that this sparks a healthy dialogue and that I can contribute to it.” {Source}

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