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During a Q&A session at the Love & Hip Hop ATL premiere party in New York City, a very emotional Mimi admits to the audience that it hurts her to the core to see Stevie J and Joseline together as a real couple:

What ever he put me through if you think the love turns off just because he put me through some sh*t, you crazy, it don’t work like that. This [expletive] still hurts today! That’s the bottom line. I’m not gonna sit up here and lie to you, this [expletive] still hurt me. Every-time I see them two mfs together, that sh*t hurts me…

Stevie J and Joseline

Well Mimi, it hurts us, too. This whole love triangle mess hurts us to the core, AS WELL. It’s painful to watch. Check out Mimi’s so real moment in an exclusive clip form Twana Tells.  I want to feel sorry for Mimi, BUT…check out the video.

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