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Kim Kardashian is flying solo again while promoting her latest fragrance, GLAM. The media has been particularly cruel to Kimmy during this pregnancy, mocking her weight gain, and now, starting rumors that Kanye West and Iggy Azalea are putting in extra hours in the “studio”. I am not a Kim Kardashian fan, mainly because I’m not exactly sure why she’s famous, but I do think these tabloid stories go too far. So in a bit of positive news coverage, Kim Kardashian looks absolutely cute at the launch of her fragrance, which is a 180 from her divorce court outfit. Check out pics here.

Iggy Azalea My-World

According to InTouch magazine Kanye West has been absent in Kim’s life because he is now inspired by his new muse, Iggy Azalea. Last thing a pregnant woman needs are infidelity rumors. Luckily for Kimmy Cakes, Iggy Cakes is clearing up these rumors calling it bull…well kind of:

I was at the grocery store buying a rotisserie chicken to eat… and I ran in and got it and I was standing in the line, and you know when you’re standing in line and you see all the tabloid magazines and shit and I looked at it and I was like… ‘Kim gets dumped in Paris for sexy blonde’, ‘skinny blonde muse’, and I was like what the fuck? I’m looking and it’s my fucking face and I was like… [laughs] what? This is bullshit! I didn’t know we were having an affair until I was like in the grocery sure, buying chicken… it’s just like, and pictures of my butt, or whatever. {Source}

InTouch a little shady for suggesting such a thing.




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