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Jay-Z Could Sell His Share In Brooklyn Nets To Become NBA Sports Agent

Even when you think Jay-Z is at home chilling with little Blue Ivy, it seems that he’s still at work.  Not too long ago, his Roc Nation company partnered with Creative Artists Agency to form a sports representation business. And now it seems Jay is looking to obtain an agent certification from the NBA. The only problem is, is that he’d have to give up his share of the Brooklyn Nets.  According to Yahoo! Sports, the NBA has a rule in place that basically states that any one who is affiliated with a player representation company can’t own any stake in an NBA team.


Jay-Z has a small stake in the team, owning only one 15th of one percent, but he’s been vital in their new rebranding and location change from New Jersey to Brooklyn.  I’m sure no one in the Brooklyn Net’s camp wants him to go, if only for the image he’s brought to them.  But you gotta go where the money is!  I wonder how Jay would be as a sports agent. We just may find out soon enough…

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