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Woman Pays $1600 To See Drake Then Gets Beaten Up At CIAA Party

There are certain artists that I would pay top dollar to see. And that list is even shorter since Michael Jackson died.  But I can say with confidence that Drake is not on that list.  But I understand for other people he is.  Case in point:  Meet Felicia Cunningham.  Felicia, her sister and her cousin all made plans to attend a CIAA party that featured Drake and shelled out $1600 for a VIP table.  However, according to WBTV in Charlotte, North Carolina, things didn’t go the way they planned after Felicia was reportedly beaten and her family forced out of the club by private security.

Woman Beaten At CIAA Drake Party

Felicia says she didn’t know that the venue the party was being held at was a strip club and planned on leaving after seeing Drake.  But it only went downhill for her from there.  Felicia says that her purse was stolen while she was in the club and she witnessed strippers performing sexual acts on attendees.  Finally, for reasons she didn’t lay out, Felicia was dragged into a hallway by 5 private security men, beaten, then tossed out from the club.  Sounds like there’s a lot missing to the story because that kind of response sounds like something major went down.  Check out the video of the full story, when you continue… 

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